Tetris ( Blockrain.js )

Just for fun

Basic Implementation

This is a javascript version of the game known as Tetris, which can be easily embedded in any website.

This DEMO uses the default configuration, with no customization or event handling.

  • + Control the precise size of the play area
  • + Easy install with a DIV, and a script

It's based on blockrain.js. See implementation notes in the CodePen to understand how to integrate it into your Webflow site.

Try it out.

Just click play. LEFT & RIGHT move the piece, UP rotates it, and DOWN speeds the fall.

Styled Implementation

Here we're testing a few features...

  • + Choose from a number of pre-set themes
  • > + Can fully custom-style as well, including background, colors, and even the specific block artwork.
  • + Handle score display, yourself
  • > + Allow for special events, like redirect to a reward page if they reach a certain score.

Try it out.

Change the theme to see other styles.

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How to implement

See the designer view of this page by clicking the button at the top.
Further notes & script examples are in the CodePen.

See the Pen Webflow | Fun | Tetris by Michael Wells (@memetican) on CodePen.